A   Journey  of  SWRC Tilonia’s Solar Energy Concept  in Action Since 1979 


1979:  The First  Solar  Radio  tried out   at  two Primary Schools- Centre  for  Educational Technology   (NCERT – Copy of Letter )

1979:  The First  Solar  Light  demonstrated  in the  SWRC Campus 
(CEL- Copy of Letter)

1984:  First Time   Solar  Lighting   and  Water  Pumping came to the  Campus 

1986:  First Time   Solar  Lanterns  were provided   in the  Night Schools  ( Photo)

1989:  First  Time Solar Lighting of Non-Formal Education Centres,  in India.

1990:  The  First  Solar  Power  Plant of 13 Kilowatts   installed in the  Campus 

1990:  The  First Solar Workshop  established  for  training, repairing, and fabrication  of solar  lights and lanterns known as  “Tilonia Approach” 

1992:  The  First Solar  Training  Centre  in Ladakh supported by  the State Government  and  trained 51  Barefoot  Solar Engineers  from the Indo-Pak- Tibet  Border Villages  

1994: The First  Solar-Powered  Family Planning  Operation Theatre and  Pathology Laboratory in the Campus ( District  Family Planning Officer-Copy of Letter)

1995: The  First Solar-Powered  BSNL  Telephone  Exchange  installed in the Campus

1996: The  First  Woman  Solar Engineer   trained – Kamala  was a  Night School  alumni and teacher (Photo -Tilonia  Designed PCB )

1999:  First Time the European Union (EU) sanctioned a  Solar  Lighting, Training, Repairing, and Maintenance Project for  3 Himalayan  States of India- Ladakh, Uttrakhand, and Sikkim.  The concept   was  known  as the barefoot approach

2000:  The First  Campus  was  fully  solar electrified  by 50  Kilowatts and  installed  by Women Barefoot  Solar Engineers

2001:   First Time  UNDP  sanctioned  on the  same  EU pattern  solar project   for  6  States

2002:  The First  Solar-Powered Reverse  Osmosis  Plant installed  at Kotri village  in  the Sambhar Salt Lake Area  of Rajasthan 

2003:  The  First Milk  Dairy  Booth  deep  freezer   operated   on solar

2004:  First Time UN   supported  the  Barefoot  Approach  in Ethiopia  for  solar lighting   the remotest  villages 

2005:  The  First  Batch  of Women Barefoot  Solar Engineers of Afghanistan  trained  at Tilonia

2007:  First  Time ADB  supported  to Barefoot  Model  in Bhutan   for  training  and solar domestic lighting

2008:  The First Voluntary  Organisation  in the Country, Ministry of  External Affairs impaneled Barefoot Model  under  the  ITEC   Programme ( Details of  ITEC Courses)

2009:  The  Ministry of New  and Renewable Energy  approved  Barefoot  Model on the ITEC  Pattern(Details of Courses   and Profiles of  Women Barefoot  Solar Engineers)  

2010:  The  First  solar-powered  Community  Radio Station  set up  in the Campus

2011:  First time the  Exile  Government of Tibet, Mclodganj, Himachal Pradesh has selected two nuns for six-month solar training. On receiving  the  training  at Tilonia,   the  solar electrified  30  monk hermitages  for lighting,  charging  of mobile handsets and radios  and  installed a  Rural  Electronic Workshop at  Tibetan  Children Centre  (TCV)  School in Dharamsala 

2012: The  First  fully  Solar Energized  online Post  Office  started in the Campus 

2014: The First   Bank   ATM  Machine installed on the Campus  run on  solar power