The Barefoot College health care section aims to provide basic health services to more than 150 villages in five development blocks of Rajasthan, through a team of Barefoot doctors, health workers, midwives, pathologists and dentists with little or no educational backgrounds.

Since 1973, more than 1,442 rural men and women have gained livelihood through health programmes, both curative as well as preventive in nature. The term ‘Barefoot’was mentioned for the first time in connection with the Barefoot health worker in 1976. The College has demystified medical technologies and decentralised its uses to equip the grassroot levels with basic health facilities. Through a network of the Barefoot health team, Barefoot communicators and teachers, the Barefoot College has created health awareness among rural men, women and children on issues such as hygiene, food and nutrition, mother and child care, immunization, oral health, family planning, HIV/ AIDS, midwifery, common ailments etc.

The College has been training men and women from the villages so that rural communities are less dependent on external aid. Their involvement in the planning, implementation and supervision of all programmes have not only generated employment within rural communities but also reduced migration.