Hunger Free Villages in Rajasthan during COVID-19

  SWRC Barefoot College Tilonia was instrumental in creating 540+ hunger-free villages in Rajasthan during the COVID-19 pandemic. We distributed over 10,000 Survival Kits to families across 10 districts over the last 6 months. Each Survival Kit is designed to ensure that a family of 5 receives adequate food, nutrition, and safety for 15-20 days in the month. The Survival Kits were given to the poorest of the poor families of daily wage workers, migrant workers, silicosis patients, old and abandoned women, and others without employment or access to government food relief.   Distribution in Slums   Distribution in Villages…


Village Grain Banks for the Sahariya Tribals in MP and Rajasthan

  SWRC Barefoot College is supporting underserved Sahariya tribal communities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by setting up Grain Banks in their villages to ensure they are hunger-free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grain Banks are storage units managed by the community members, where basic food grains are stored and can be borrowed by families in need of food.  The pilot Grain Banks will be implemented in 20 villages across 3 districts over the next 6 months, providing food security and an uninterrupted supply of essential grains to ~10,000 persons in need.  Implementation partners: Sankalp Sansthan in Rajasthan and Sambhav Social…